Hurricane Irma/Harvey – book royalties for disaster relief!

As promised, here is the update on September sales that were donated to the Salvation Army and earmarked for disaster relief.

September royalties were $33. That’s such an oddball number that we decided to round to 40. It’s not a fortune, by any means, but every penny helps. Thank you to everyone who helped us out with this! And keep praying for the people displaced/hurt by the hurricanes.

God bless!


My husband and I decided that, since we don’t necessarily need the income from sales right now, we want to donate all proceeds to disaster relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Irma and/or Harvey.

All sales of Criss Cross: A Holly Novel for the month of September (including those already purchased) will be forwarded to The Salvation army and Convoy of Hope, both charities that will be aiding in the disaster relief, according to Fema.

You can find Criss Cross: A Holly Novel by following this link:

Criss Cross: A Holly Novel https://www.amazon.com/…/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_VpkTzbTVXMBZ6

We will keep you updated on the progress of the donations.

If you would rather donate directly, check out the Fema website for a list of approved charities that will be aiding the victims. There are lots to choose from!

Thanks and prayers be with everyone riding out the storms or displaced from their homes.

~☆~C.C. Warrens~☆~

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