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First trip to N.Y.C.

Let me preface this by saying, holy cow was that a long drive (or ride, rather, since my husband did all the driving). Dramamine you are my friend. Amazing that I was conscious at all during that road trip.

My husband and I wanted to visit NYC because my novels are based out of there.


We popped into some of the parks, which were pretty fantastic. Well, Central park was fantastic. Marcus Garvey park… yeah, I’m pretty sure some illegal activities went on there after dark.

(Central park view)


(From the top of Marcus Garvey park)




We went to visit the 25th precinct, where Detective Marx hails from, and my husband apparently decided to break the law by waltzing (or wheeling) right into the bowels of the precinct.


In all fairness, there was a wheelchair entrance, and the people who went into this no-go zone before us (cops in plain clothes) held the door for us! Needless to say, we got some funny looks. One of the very nice, very large officers told us “You’re not allowed in here. The only way you come in here is in handcuffs.”

Handcuffs just aren’t my kind of jewelry, so we decided to leave (after I got a peek at the jail cells and used the restroom, of course).

My husband is always getting us in trouble.

And I saw the tiniest police car ever! Does it have a wind-up key?


The hotel we stayed at: Hotel Transylvania! I mean…Pennsylvania…


Had some seriously long need-a-map hallways. And me, with no sense of direction… (cue spooky music)


Our room was on the 12th floor, and I considered taking Dramamine just for the elevator trip to-and-fro. It was a nausea box on a cable, and THEN, you pack it full of people. Who needs room to move…or breathe…or upchuck…

But on the cool side! The Hotel had doors that looked like metal bunker doors, and I laughed, because Holly’s door is metal, and Marx refers to her place as a bunker. Gotta love pure, awesome coincidence.


We traveled everywhere by walking


Or we took a cab (interesting stories there). So many cabs, mostly that ghastly yellow, but there were a few green ones! So exciting!


The food there…eh. I have to eat gluten free though, so maybe I’m not the best judge. But almost every time I asked if they had gluten free options at a restaurant, the response was, “Free? Free food?”

“No, GLUTEN free. I’ll happily pay for it. Please feed me.”

So dining was interesting.

Also interesting, the bathrooms are locked. Probably so the people on the street don’t wander in and use them, but come on… I stood outside a locked bathroom door for like ten minutes, wondering what the heck the person in there could possibly be doing, before an employee came and unlocked it. I was about to start doing the “I have to pee” dance right there in the middle of McDonald’s.

There is no such thing as a personal bubble in NYC. Granted, my bubble is not as big as Holly’s, but I need some space. No such thing on those sidewalks.

We found the Hershey store, because a girl needs her chocolate. I always wanted to be on a candy bar!


The most entertaining thing was observing the people. There is quite a range of people there. Some of them a bit more scantily clad than I would’ve liked to see, but overall interesting.

The sad thing is that everyone seems so disconnected from everyone around them. No one smiled in greeting, no one held doors (except me, which immediately declared me as an out-of-towner). Some girls were so shocked that they were like, “Oh my gosh thank you!”…”oh my gosh, you’re welcome?”

But, overall, it was a great trip.

No, my love, I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to hold an umbrella…


That tiny green lady in the distance looks so familiar…



Umm…us. yep. Our Russian cab driver, thankfully not the one with suspicious drug paraphernalia in his front floorboard (or the one who spoke in only grunts and swear words), asked me if I was Ukrainian. “Nope, I’m Ohio-an.” Must have been the hat. *shrug*


Time square.


We all know this building!


Something a local artist made us for our restaurant: the Chicago skyline.


3 thoughts on “First trip to N.Y.C.”

    1. We were super surprised that you have to pay to park your car, 30-50 dollars a night, and the only place to park was in a parking garage. And they wouldn’t let us park our own car. They make you get out so they can park it for you.

      My husband has hand controls because he’s handicapped, and it was interesting watching them try to drive it 😃. We tried to warn them…

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