Amazon gift card and a free book

Free $20 Amazon gift card and a free paperback copy of Cross Fire, the second book in The Holly Novel series, for 1st place, and a free paperback copy of Cross Fire for second place.

To qualify, please do the following:

1. Pop over to the C.C. Warrens facebook page and comment on the post with your favorite character from Criss Cross: A Holly Novel (my husband and I will probably debate about which character will win!) and something from the book that made you laugh.

2. Like and share this post with your own friends and family on Facebook.

(If you haven’t read Criss Cross, there’s still time! The ebook is only 2.99. If you prefer paperback, that’s available too.)

Criss Cross: A Holly Novel https://www.amazon.com/dp/0998884103/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_YNa1zbD295H0B


**This contest ends October 31st. Winners will be selected at random, so please be sure to comment on the original post, like the post, and don’t forget to share.**

2 thoughts on “  Amazon gift card and a free book”

    1. Hello, Amy!

      Thank you for the compliment! 🙂
      As for your question, there’s no simple answer.
      The plot generally starts out as a spark of an idea in my mind, and then I bounce ideas and possibilities off my husband on our daily walks until I refine it. He generally gives me oddball suggestions that I will never use, but they make me laugh and send my imagination off on a rabbit trail of possibilities.
      The characters kind of took on a life of their own as I figured out their histories, passions, and flaws. Holly’s character was the easiest to create because I’ve worked with many children who’ve been through some unimaginably awful situations, and I’ve seen the impact it has on their lives.
      The strange situations my characters get into are generally just little things that pop into my head, but sometimes they have a basis in truth. For example, the man who wanted to touch Jace’s feet on their date (inspired by what was probably my most bizarre trip to Wal Mart ever…) and I just shape them to fit the characters and situations.
      It really is just a lot of little things working together that help an author write a book. I hope this answers your question!

      God bless,


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