Books make winter brrrable

Since I’m having some difficulty getting my newsletter functional (you wouldn’t think it would be that hard, but…) So here is the November newsletter for all interested parties!!



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Reading a book can be an adventure, an escape, or a journey for knowledge! For me, reading is an adventure. I travel so many places and meet so many interesting people without ever leaving my living room! What beats fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and a good book?

 91iHg57NmDLMy latest read!
Plain Retribution is a page-turning story of danger, suspense, and a hint of romance.
Rebecca, formerly Amish, is confronted by a past that has come back to claim her and the other survivors of an awful experience ten years earlier. Will she be able to escape a second time?
The author did a great job drawing me in from the first page, and it was interesting reading about a character who was deaf.
Check out Plain Retribution on Amazon!

If you like suspense, thrillers, and crime fiction, you might enjoy the Holly series. . .


What readers have to say!

“The book is full of edge-of-your-seat, hold-your-breath suspense…” — DL

“She [Holly] will win your heart from the start…” — DJ

“Criss Cross is a Christian mystery which will be thoroughly enjoyed by readers who like to feel strong connections to a book’s characters, who enjoy letting a book set them on edge, and by people who enjoy, good, clean reads.” — CBL

“I read it straight through in one afternoon and was very disappointed to have it end.” –SM

Criss Cross A Holly Novel: $.99 e-book from Thanksgiving – Christmas!


What readers have to say!

“I read it nonstop and I’m really sad that it wasn’t longer. The main character Holly really is the perfect combination of quirky, infuriating, and adorable. It’s suspenseful and definitely played with my emotions. It’s a must read for any mystery book lovers.” — Kate

“Another great book!” — Anita

“C.C. Warrens is now one of my very favorite authors. She mixes suspense, intrigue, police intervention, unusual friendships and humor to make the her stories hard to put down.” — Amy

Criss Cross Trivia:


What is the name of Holly’s childhood stuffed bunny?

I want to get to know my readers, so I have some questions for you!

~ What makes reading a book more enjoyable for you? (Can you kick back anywhere, or does it need to be a quiet space? With candles? Hot tea? Cookies?)

~ What did you do this fall that you really enjoyed?

~ What Thanksgiving food are you most looking forward to? (If you don’t say cheese potatoes, we can’t be friends anymore. Okay, if you say deviled eggs, I’ll consider it.)

Trivia Question Answer: Freckles.

turkey pizza

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter, which will feature The Wisdom Tree by Lisa W. Smith.


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