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A New Spin on Sports

When the runner slides into home plate, the basketball player makes the unbelievable shot to win the game, when the quarterback scores a touchdown, the stands erupt: cheers and boos, popcorn and peanuts raining down, beer and Pepsi sloshing…

Someone throws up (okay that part’s less exciting and slightly icky.)

Sports are ingrained in our society. They’re a source of enjoyment, competition, challenge, skill, and accomplishment.  We gather together to watch and live vicariously through our favorite players.

The Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio (ASPO) brings us a new spin on traditional sports…

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Wheelchair basketball is harder than it looks. I’ve tried it. It only took me 10 consecutive tries to get the ball in the hoop (okay, maybe closer to 20) and I don’t think I could do it again if I tried 20 more times. (Those of you who have read Criss Cross: A Holly novel, may remember that Jace plays wheelchair basketball. The ASPO was the inspiration for that scene.)

The ASPO is a non-profit program that gives handicapped kids and adults the opportunity to play sports, to be active, to challenge themselves, and to achieve dreams many thought they never could.

It isn’t just for kids born with a physical handicap, but for amputees and people who have suffered a physical disability from accidents. The ASPO athletes even play sled hockey with veterans, some of whom are amputees themselves.


Sled hockey (featured in Cross Fire: A Holly novel) is one of the most popular! Who needs skates when you can use sleds?

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I’m pretty sure I would still fall over, even in the sled.

But that’s not all! They also have track, tennis, softball, and soccer!

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If you want to help this organization, give them a call or send them a message on their Facebook page! As a non-profit, their funding comes from grants and donations, so if you want to help financially (to help pay for equipment or travel expenses), I know they would appreciate it. In fact, some of them might cry with joy (but I won’t name names…)


Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio
100 Kurzen Road N, Suite B
Dalton, Ohio
 Call (330) 985-0085


Thanks for your support, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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