Blog update

Enjoy the little things

It’s a Monday morning…we all know what that means. IV caffeine drip, please.

It’s very easy to be grouchy on a Monday morning if you have the weekends off. It’s the beginning of a long week, and who knows what it will bring!

Try to find little things to appreciate on the harder mornings.

Me, I’m super psyched I didn’t have to vacuum the restaurant dining room before opening. That’s always a nice surprise!

My menu boards are done and hung.


And the restaurant Christmas tree is looking awesome. Yep, those are little Jesus stockings hanging on it…

1511799561110374912941 I have tea (very important), I’ll be editing Crossed Off tonight, and working on the cover.

It’s going to be a great day! A Reeses could make it better though…just saying!

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