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Recycled gifts for Christmas?

Christmas time can be a time of stress for many families. There are so many desires and not enough funds.

A local cop I know actually told me that Christmas day is the worst day for them, because they get so many domestic dispute calls. Isn’t that sad?

Christmas should be about thankfulness, celebration, and family. It’s not about buying the best gift or maxing out our credit cards for things that kids will lose interest in within weeks. It should never inspire anger and disputes. If it does, we’re doing something wrong.

My husband and I don’t have much extra money lying around for Christmas shopping, so we’re doing one gift for each other. I got each member of my family something I found in thrift stores, and I decided to dive in and make something for my niece.

Stuffing from a pillow, worn khakis, a hoodie, a pillow case, thread, an old scarf, old jeans, and acrylic paints. I had to buy the shoes though… I tried and failed miserably with them … multiple times.

Just chillin

I like her, as rough and unusual as she is (A seamstress I am not, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to use a sewing machine. So she’s all hand stitched)

She started out pretty awful though. I have this allergy to measuring things…probably because I despise numbers, and one foot was twice the size of the other, her head was floppy, and she had this hunchback thing going on.

Once THAT was mostly sorted out (and I say mostly because she still has some deformities…but they’re significantly better) I started on her face, which, I kid you not, was the easiest part.

Then … the hair. Yeah, so did you know some materials are evil and they fray and shed everywhere?

Look at that scraggly mess of hair … eek

So I tried to seal the edges to stop the fraying, and then she looked like she had an oily scalp problem. So, onto hair spray (raspberry scented), which made her hair look and feel like those little crispy onion things people put on bean casserole…

After trying to iron out some of the stiffness, I got frustrated and scalped her.

I had to roll and stitch every strand of hair, which made me slightly cranky. I don’t like having to do things twice.

Once she was nearly done, I decided she needs a scarf. Yeah, so, there’s no stitching this crap to keep it from unraveling. So I decided to try something else…

People walking by my apartment window probably thought I was a lunatic because I was setting the scarf on fire. Okay, it caught on fire a few times while I was charring the edges to keep it from unraveling, but I blew it out…

But I like the finished product.

Of course she doesn’t fit in the box I have for her … unless I twist her into some wonky contortionist position.

Get creative for Christmas. Don’t spend money you don’t have, and don’t stress that you can’t get everyone everything they want. Gifts are great, but in my opinion, they come in third (after celebrating Jesus and spending time with family).

Use whatever talent you have. Use old things in your closet or cupboards. Go thrift shopping and find inexpensive things to fix up. Just have fun…

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