Low Carb– what to try and what not to try

Low carb diets are the trend right now, but for some people, they’re a necessary lifestyle.

People with health problems are ditching carbs and choosing a more natural lifestyle. For me, a side effect of one of my medications is exhaustion and brain fog (neither of which are good for an author.)

It’s important to learn how your body reacts to certain foods and certain ingredients. For me, carbs exacerbate the tiredness from my medication, so I decided to try a low carb diet (which helps prevent the low energy caused by carb crashes.)

I’ve been trying different products to see what tastes best, and what products, if any, make me feel wonky. Here are some good brands I discovered.

    1. Julian’s Bakery (which offers various foods for various lifestyles.)
    2. Know Foods (a company that uses allulose as a sweetener–a no calorie sweetener derived from fruits and vegetables)
    3. Smart Baking Company

Julian’s Bakery has the best tasting low carb cracker (3 net carbs per serving)

I compared these with Know Foods crackers (1 net carb per serving).

Julian’s bakery wins, hands down. Know Food’s brand may have fewer carbs, but they taste dry and burnt to me.

But Know Foods has so many wonderful options!

Their ketchup (with 1 net carb) tastes so good, and since most ketchups are full of sugar, they don’t fit into a low carb lifestyle.

Know Foods bread (3 net carbs per slice)
This bread arrives moist, and it feels a little gross at first. Toast it, or grill it in butter to brown it.

This pancake mix is ready to go with just some water (2 net carbs per serving) but I reccomend adding 1TBS of peanut butter for added taste and elasticity, less water, mix in some Know Foods chocolate chips (less than 1 net carb per TBS) and grill it! It cooks quickly on the outside, so I turned it down and covered it to cook it through.

Now comes the syrup. I am so picky about syrup. I tried making my own (so very yuck) and then I tried Julian’s Bakery syrup (tastes like maple-flavored water). Then I tested out Know Foods maple syrup (0 net carbs per serving) and hit the jackpot.
While it’s still thinner than regular syrup, the flavor is the best I’ve found so far.

Know Foods also has a pretty good donut and waffles, but they’re a little higher in carbs.

I actually had to freeze them so I didn’t eat more than one.

Now, if you’re like me, you love burgers. But burgers without buns are just…bleck. I stumbled upon a carb free bun that I truly expected to taste like cardboard. It doesn’t!

DO NOT eat this bun without grilling it in butter. Such a delicious difference.

Grill it, put some mayonnaise on it (not miracle whip), add your burger and cheese and top it off with Know Foods ketchup. You won’t regret it one bit.

Smart Baking Co. has some other tasty options for dessert. No carb, super moist, and surprisingly tasty. I’ve only tried the cinnamon one, but it was crazy good.

I have yet to find a store bought version of pizza crust I enjoy. I make my own by baking cheddar cheese, pepperoni, and more cheddar cheese into a crust, then topping it like a normal pizza.

That being said, this store bought pizza crust makes awesome pita crackers to dip in ranch cream cheese.

Those are my finds so far! I will say, don’t buy these things through Amazon. There’s no way of knowing how long they’ve had them sitting on a shelf, and they might come old or stale.

I hope this gives some of you hope that a low carb diet CAN include treats and tasty things.

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