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A series of unfortunate events…

Do you ever feel like one thing after another goes wrong? For my husband and I, that started two days ago. We decided to make meatloaf. I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the oven, so I popped it open to find a fire in the bottom of the oven...(Meatloaf turned out great by… Continue reading A series of unfortunate events…

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The hills and valleys of writing.

Every writer develops their own pattern when writing, and we hit highs and lows in every manuscript we write. I love the beginning of every book I write, riveted by the possibilities and the exciting road ahead. I never know the little details of each chapter until I imagine myself in the character's shoes, surrounded… Continue reading The hills and valleys of writing.

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Recycled gifts for Christmas?

Christmas time can be a time of stress for many families. There are so many desires and not enough funds. A local cop I know actually told me that Christmas day is the worst day for them, because they get so many domestic dispute calls. Isn't that sad? Christmas should be about thankfulness, celebration, and… Continue reading Recycled gifts for Christmas?

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An amazing day

You know those days when you wake up before your alarm and you don't feel like the Sandman hit you with a truck? That's a good morning. I even had a little time to relax before going to work. Time I of course spent editing... I never make a ton of money at work, but… Continue reading An amazing day

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Enjoy the little things

It's a Monday morning...we all know what that means. IV caffeine drip, please. It's very easy to be grouchy on a Monday morning if you have the weekends off. It's the beginning of a long week, and who knows what it will bring! Try to find little things to appreciate on the harder mornings. Me,… Continue reading Enjoy the little things

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Thanksgiving Eve

Some people bake, some people prep food or their home for tomorrow's guests, and some people make menu boards for the restaurant where they work! (That would be me). Two down, two more to go... I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. This will be the first Thanksgiving in over fourteen years that my older brother will… Continue reading Thanksgiving Eve


Baking day!

Now that I'm over that little stomach bug, it's baking day! I'm hoping to be sick-free for a month now! Wouldn't that be amazing (however unlikely)! In between sewing and editing Crossed Off (that one's gonna be a shocker), I decided to bake some gluten free pumpkin bread! For those of you who have to… Continue reading Baking day!

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Dashing through the book…

One page after next... Toward the end we go No, I'm not ready yet! I'm offering my ebook of Criss Cross: A Holly Novel free to newsletter subscribers. If you need a new e-book to flip through this Thanksgiving and Christmas, hop on over to the subscribe page and enter your Amazon email! If you've… Continue reading Dashing through the book…

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Through the Eyes of a Writer

A creative writer sees the world differently. They don’t just see a nameless man in a suit brushing past on the sidewalk; they see a man with a story, one that may be unraveling given the way he’s bumping and pushing his way through the crowd. He looks like a George. A George Allen, perhaps,… Continue reading Through the Eyes of a Writer