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Thanksgiving Eve

Some people bake, some people prep food or their home for tomorrow's guests, and some people make menu boards for the restaurant where they work! (That would be me). Two down, two more to go... I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. This will be the first Thanksgiving in over fourteen years that my older brother will… Continue reading Thanksgiving Eve

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Dashing through the book…

One page after next... Toward the end we go No, I'm not ready yet! I'm offering my ebook of Criss Cross: A Holly Novel free to newsletter subscribers. If you need a new e-book to flip through this Thanksgiving and Christmas, hop on over to the subscribe page and enter your Amazon email! If you've… Continue reading Dashing through the book…

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Through the Eyes of a Writer

A creative writer sees the world differently. They don’t just see a nameless man in a suit brushing past on the sidewalk; they see a man with a story, one that may be unraveling given the way he’s bumping and pushing his way through the crowd. He looks like a George. A George Allen, perhaps,… Continue reading Through the Eyes of a Writer

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A New Spin on Sports

When the runner slides into home plate, the basketball player makes the unbelievable shot to win the game, when the quarterback scores a touchdown, the stands erupt: cheers and boos, popcorn and peanuts raining down, beer and Pepsi sloshing... Someone throws up (okay that part's less exciting and slightly icky.) Sports are ingrained in our… Continue reading A New Spin on Sports

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Authors helping Authors

As most writers know or will discover, writing is the easy part. The hardest part, is spreading the word about what we've written. As new authors, it's easy to get so focused on trying to promote our own book, that we neglect to help other authors (all the while hoping they'll help us.) I'm guilty… Continue reading Authors helping Authors

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G.P.S…God Positioning System?

Us: okay GPS, where am I going? GPS: In 100 feet...signal lost. Us: Seriously? How is that even possible!? I thought GPS covered everything! GPS: Recalculating. In 300 feet, make a sharp U-turn. Us: Um, is that legal? *Makes a likely illegal u-turn* Okay, now what? GPS: Continue on this road for ... Us: Did… Continue reading G.P.S…God Positioning System?

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Unconditional Love 

What is unconditional love? To love someone without exception, regardless of their flaws, actions, or choices. This is how God loves us. Even knowing that we are flawed and that we will make mistake after bumbling mistake, He loves us. Even though our love for Him is sometimes contingent on our circumstances, His love is… Continue reading Unconditional Love