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The hills and valleys of writing.

Every writer develops their own pattern when writing, and we hit highs and lows in every manuscript we write. I love the beginning of every book I write, riveted by the possibilities and the exciting road ahead. I never know the little details of each chapter until I imagine myself in the character's shoes, surrounded… Continue reading The hills and valleys of writing.

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An amazing day

You know those days when you wake up before your alarm and you don't feel like the Sandman hit you with a truck? That's a good morning. I even had a little time to relax before going to work. Time I of course spent editing... I never make a ton of money at work, but… Continue reading An amazing day


Baking day!

Now that I'm over that little stomach bug, it's baking day! I'm hoping to be sick-free for a month now! Wouldn't that be amazing (however unlikely)! In between sewing and editing Crossed Off (that one's gonna be a shocker), I decided to bake some gluten free pumpkin bread! For those of you who have to… Continue reading Baking day!

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Authors helping Authors

As most writers know or will discover, writing is the easy part. The hardest part, is spreading the word about what we've written. As new authors, it's easy to get so focused on trying to promote our own book, that we neglect to help other authors (all the while hoping they'll help us.) I'm guilty… Continue reading Authors helping Authors


An Act of kindness

What is an act of kindness? Donating food or money to someone in need, sharing your time with someone who has no one, sharing an uplifting word, opening a door? All of the above, actually.  An act of kindness doesn't need to be extravagant. If you've been blessed financially, then by all means, use that… Continue reading An Act of kindness


  Amazon gift card and a free book

Free $20 Amazon gift card and a free paperback copy of Cross Fire, the second book in The Holly Novel series, for 1st place, and a free paperback copy of Cross Fire for second place. To qualify, please do the following: 1. Pop over to the C.C. Warrens facebook page and comment on the post… Continue reading   Amazon gift card and a free book