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The hills and valleys of writing.

Every writer develops their own pattern when writing, and we hit highs and lows in every manuscript we write. I love the beginning of every book I write, riveted by the possibilities and the exciting road ahead. I never know the little details of each chapter until I imagine myself in the character's shoes, surrounded… Continue reading The hills and valleys of writing.

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An amazing day

You know those days when you wake up before your alarm and you don't feel like the Sandman hit you with a truck? That's a good morning. I even had a little time to relax before going to work. Time I of course spent editing... I never make a ton of money at work, but… Continue reading An amazing day

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Through the Eyes of a Writer

A creative writer sees the world differently. They don’t just see a nameless man in a suit brushing past on the sidewalk; they see a man with a story, one that may be unraveling given the way he’s bumping and pushing his way through the crowd. He looks like a George. A George Allen, perhaps,… Continue reading Through the Eyes of a Writer