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Grace in Strange Disguise

I appreciated that the author tackled the real-life misperception that followers of Christ will have perfect lives. One thing I remember in particular was when Esther pondered over the fact that her life of ease prior to cancer might be because Satan didn't perceive her as a threat. As Christians, we want the devil to… Continue reading Grace in Strange Disguise

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On All Fronts (how the armies fall)

          They say the best way to defeat an army is to divide and conquer. As Christians, we don’t often think of ourselves as an army, but we are God's army—ordered to march into a fallen world, spreading His message and His love.         This world is a… Continue reading On All Fronts (how the armies fall)

Blog update, G.P.S.

G.P.S…God Positioning System?

Us: okay GPS, where am I going? GPS: In 100 feet...signal lost. Us: Seriously? How is that even possible!? I thought GPS covered everything! GPS: Recalculating. In 300 feet, make a sharp U-turn. Us: Um, is that legal? *Makes a likely illegal u-turn* Okay, now what? GPS: Continue on this road for ... Us: Did… Continue reading G.P.S…God Positioning System?