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G.P.S…God Positioning System?

Us: okay GPS, where am I going? GPS: In 100 feet...signal lost. Us: Seriously? How is that even possible!? I thought GPS covered everything! GPS: Recalculating. In 300 feet, make a sharp U-turn. Us: Um, is that legal? *Makes a likely illegal u-turn* Okay, now what? GPS: Continue on this road for ... Us: Did… Continue reading G.P.S…God Positioning System?

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Unconditional Love 

What is unconditional love? To love someone without exception, regardless of their flaws, actions, or choices. This is how God loves us. Even knowing that we are flawed and that we will make mistake after bumbling mistake, He loves us. Even though our love for Him is sometimes contingent on our circumstances, His love is… Continue reading Unconditional Love