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On All Fronts (how the armies fall)

          They say the best way to defeat an army is to divide and conquer. As Christians, we don’t often think of ourselves as an army, but we are God's army—ordered to march into a fallen world, spreading His message and His love.         This world is a… Continue reading On All Fronts (how the armies fall)

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Enjoy the little things

It's a Monday morning...we all know what that means. IV caffeine drip, please. It's very easy to be grouchy on a Monday morning if you have the weekends off. It's the beginning of a long week, and who knows what it will bring! Try to find little things to appreciate on the harder mornings. Me,… Continue reading Enjoy the little things

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Through the Eyes of a Writer

A creative writer sees the world differently. They don’t just see a nameless man in a suit brushing past on the sidewalk; they see a man with a story, one that may be unraveling given the way he’s bumping and pushing his way through the crowd. He looks like a George. A George Allen, perhaps,… Continue reading Through the Eyes of a Writer